Envelopes not included

Outer Envelope: $3.00/envelope

Inner Envelope: $1.50/envelope

RSVP Envelope or Return Address: $1.75/envelope


Dark/Opaque Envelopes: additional .50/envelope

Metallic (gold, silver, copper) ink: additional .50/envelope

Custom Ink Color: $20 plus .25/envelope

*Please keep in mind when ordering envelopes that I ask for 20% extra to account for ink splattering and smudging, and possible additions or changes.


Custom Return Address Stamp: $35.00

Custom Library Stamp: $35.00

Escort/Place Cards: $1.25/card
*price may vary depending on material. Please provide 15% more material to account for ink splattering, smudges, and any changes to the list. 

Menus: Starting at $75 (design only)*

Programs: Starting at $75 (design only)*

Spot Calligraphy Names: $50

Monogram: $75

* Stamps include one proof and revision. Menus and Programs include two proofs and revisions. Each additional proof is $10. 


Pricing for signs really depends on the number of words, as well as the size of the sign. An 8x10 sign with one sentence or phrase will cost about $25 (up-charges apply for dark paper/non-black ink).



Please keep in mind I am not a graphic designer, but I would love to contribute my calligraphy for your logo! If you would like something simple (like my logo), I would be happy to create the whole thing. Or if you'd prefer, I can collaborate with a graphic designer of your choice to create the logo of your dreams. 

Hand-Lettering for Logo: $100
Includes 2 proofs and the final product



Want a beautiful hand-lettered tattoo design? How about a chalkboard sign for your wedding? Gift tags for your Christmas presents? If you can dream it, I can (probably) create it:). Feel free to shoot me a message through the contact page or email me at emprintcalligraphyco@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!